About Us

Deendayal Research Institute’s (https://www.dri.org.in/), Krishi Vigyan Kendra Satna has established an enviable record of quality service & scientific accomplishment, and social outreach in the last two and half decades. KVK Satna is well positioned to build upon this proud legacy, and is poised to take advantage of the opportunity to innovate and bring unique perspectives to all our activities.

Our inspiration comes from the luminaries of society, education and research both from India and abroad. KVK Satna aspires to attain a premier place amongst the well known agricultural institutions of India. Certainly, we hope to be at the forefront of knowledge dissemination, with the highest quality research and extension work to deliver our programs. We also place equal emphasis on research and knowledge creation, to attract young and energetic rural youth whose curiosity and skill will spearhead this objective.

KVK Satna is committed to nurturing youth and entrepreneurs who will empower their organisations in the emerging economy. As the KVK remains deeply rooted to the region and the nation, an underlying priority is to instil in them, a sense of commitment, so that in their outreach programs, they have a socially responsible impact in our farmers. We also sensitise them about this challenging task. We take every needful step to expend their knowledge to give them an understanding of how difficult and challenging this often can be; and to expand their knowledge and their intellectual horizons so they emerge transformed and prepared to have an impact on the world of business and society at large.